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Unit Frameworks 2012 / 2013

The units developed during 2012 are posted below. No revisions have been made to these units. In June 2013, a unit review committee met to review the original units according to the EQUIP rubric developed by Achieve. As a result, a new set of lessons were developed with modifications to align closely with the EQUIP rubric. Changes in the new revision may include the addition of new instructional tasks, new assessments, and/or new learning targets. I CAN statements and an Overview of the Unit were added to the new versions. In some cases, little or no revisions were made. Both units may be used as resources for your instruction. These resources are not required by the GaDOE. You may substitute texts from your school or personal libraries if you do not have the texts suggested in the units.

Additional units will be posted during the months of December and early January that have been submitted by Georgia teachers as examples of units they have created for their own classrooms. Please review these units carefully to determine if they are appropriate for your classroom. You will probably need to make changes to fit the needs of your students.

2013 Revisions

The following unit is text neutral - meaning that you can substitute any text you select as appropriate for your classroom. Make sure your selection meets the rigorous criteria of text complexity.

2013 Additional Revisions

Additional Unit Frameworks

2012 Original Units

Unit 1 is posted below, but please read the note below about the book that is used in the unit. There are suggested alternative texts. It is your responsibility to preview all materials. The GaDOE does not endorse, recommend, or mandate that teachers use these materials. They are only here for the purpose of providing an additional resource.

Steal Away Home is recommended for 4th and 5th graders by the School Library Journal and has a 4.5 out of 5 star rating among educators on GoogleBooks. However, historical fiction dealing with the Civil War era and the Underground Railroad is culturally sensitive and reading materials should be chosen with great care and sensitivity, so please carefully read the book and determine whether it is right for your classroom. There are other books listed that are great alternatives and relate to the period.

There is a variety suggested for slightly younger and slightly older audiences so that you can choose the book you like the best for this unit. Remember, too, that you can create a new unit using our blank template planner and curriculum map. Happy learning!


Fifth Grade Curriculum Guide
Fifth Grade Teacher Guidance
Text Complexity Rubric