The following videos are from The Teaching Channel, a great place to find ideas for lessons and strategies. These videos are organized by planning, instruction, formative assessment and learning environment/management.

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An experienced teacher takes a risk to try new instructional practices

Short segment on the importance of carefully planning your instructional day

Planning an engaging lesson - example of a project-based lesson

Instructional Delivery

Teacher Jenna Ogier works with two small groups through a guided reading lesson - grade 5

Overview of guided reading - grade 5

Workstations as a part of guided reading - grade 5

Student-led vocabulary lesson with supporting documents; this was a history lesson about Jamestown but it would work with any lesson in which vocabulary is critical to understanding the text

Short 4-minute video illustrating an engaging way to teach characterization; includes supporting documentation

Guided reading lesson - grade 5 - one in a series of lessons by this teacher

Formative Assessment

Watch how student feedback can become an integral part of your instruction

14-minute video of informal assessment implementation and intervention based on results

Learning Environment/Classroom Management

Managing the classroom during guided reading - transitions

Watch Ms. Noonan manage her classroom - one of several videos with this teacher