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Kindergarten Webcast

Unit Frameworks 2012 / 2013
The units developed during 2012 are posted below. No revisions have been made to these units. In June 2013, a unit review committee met to review the original units according to the EQUIP rubric developed by Achieve. As a result, a new set of lessons were developed with modifications to more closely align with the EQUIP rubric. Changes in the new revision may include the addition of new instructional tasks, new assessments, and/ or new learning targets. I CAN statements and an Overview of the Unit were added to the new versions. In some cases, little or no revisions were made. Both units may be used as resources for your instruction. These resources are not required by the GaDOE. You may substitute texts from your school or personal libraries if you do not have the texts suggested in the units.

UNIT 1 - 2013

UNIT 3 - 2013


The units posted are not inclusive of everything that should be a part of an instructional day in kindergarten. For example, students must be taught the foundations of learning to read. Please set aside a time of the day for explicit and systematic instruction in phonemic awareness, phonics, and word study. Allow time for students to practice their new skills so that they will become fluent readers. Comprehensive Reading Solutions has a professional learning module titled "Building Foundational Skills". This would be a good module to review. Also, while there are writing lessons included in the units, students will need a time for direct instruction in writing. Many classrooms have a dedicated writing block. For ideas of how to schedule a balanced literacy classroom, visit Comprehensive Reading Solutions and participate in the module on Planning the Literacy Block. You can access this website at :Comprehensive Reading Solutions
A scope and sequence of foundational reading skills can be found on the Center on Instruction website.


Other Resources
Kindergarten Curriculum Map
Kindergarten Teacher Guidance
The following document shows the progression of standards in the foundational skills domain. Please ensure that these skills are a primary focus of the instructional day. Students will not be able to meet the demands of reading more complex text without a good foundation.