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There are a multitude of resources available for working with groups of teachers in gaining a deeper understanding of CCGPS. Several of these resources are ones we have used in our trainings. This "toolbox" will include some of the resources we have used and feel are of value; however, this is not an exhaustive list. As we develop, or edit, our own training materials, we will continue to post them here. You will also find a "comment" box for your suggestions or questions. For grade level units and teacher resources, refer to the grade level pages (First Grade ELA, Second Grade ELA, etc). Thank you!

Achieve - Steal these Tools

Achieve the Core
ELA Tools This link will take you to the Achieve the Core website
Addressing the Shifts This link will take you to resources for addressing and understanding the ELA / Literacy shifts.
Text Complexity - Achieve This is the professional resource for text complexity.
Text Dependent Questions This is the professional resource for writing text dependent questions.
Aligning Materials - This really has everything you need for aligning curriculum materials.


PARCC - Combined Evident Tables - ELA
PARCC Combined Evidence Tables - Writing
Content Frameworks

EQUIP Rubric (formerly known as the Tri-State Rubric)

K-2 Rubric

Grades 3-12 Rubric

Foundational Reading

Elements of Success for Grades K-3 - David Liben (From Achieve the Core)

Comprehensive Reading Solutions New professional learning modules are added frequently. Two new modules were just added today (June 27). This site is excellent for supporting all teachers and administrators, K-12.

Center on Instruction - document that includes a suggested progression of sub-skills to achieve the Reading Standards: Foundational Skills in the Common Core GPS

Center on Instruction also has professional learning modules. Center on Instruction Professional Learning Modules

If you have comments or something to share, please add in the discussion area below.

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